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Why use a relocation company?

The most succesful companies in the world today attribute their good achievements to consistently attracting and developing their workforce. Ensure optimum productivity from your most vital resource, your employees, by allowing us to seamlessly facilitate their transition to life in the Netherlands. With Settle Service as your relocation company, your talent pool will become truly international and you will gain a reputation for efficient transition, helping you to attract and maintain the best talent ensuring a bright future for your company.

Settle Service as your relocation company

Through our many valued partnerships, we perform relocation services for over 2000 skilled workers per year. Our employees undergo regular training to keep them abreast of the ever changing (bureaucratic) environment. This contributes to the professional personalised service we guarantee to all our clients. As consultants on immigration policy with the Dutch authorities, we are perfectly positioned to have an optimum understanding of the evolving system. For example, we can fast-track the 30% ruling for many employees. However, as a fully independent company, we can guarantee that our number one priority is the complete satisfaction of you, our client.

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