Eligibility check and application combined

When your eligibility for the 30% ruling is still a question and you would like Settle Service to proceed with the application when eligibility is confirmed, then we can offer you a combined service package. A cost-saving solution!

What is the 30% ruling?

The 30% ruling facility offers compensation for the extra costs that people from abroad make when they choose to live and work in the Netherlands. It is an important motivation for people from abroad to come work in the Netherlands.

The eligibility check

Firstly, we will ask you to upload the required documents in our secured system. Then our 30% ruling experts analyse your specific situation, after which we are able to inform you whether you are eligible or not.

The application

When our team of experts takes up your 30% ruling application, we file the application on your behalf enabling your employer to instantly implement the ruling in their personnel administration. Hence the fast track application! You will receive the official confirmation of your eligibility from the Belastingdienst (the Dutch Tax Authorities) a few weeks later.

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Wednesday morning, 7:00, time to wake up. It was a tough night; our eightyear old daughter complained that she could not sleep due to pain in her tummy. After we gave her a paracetamol she fell asleep but was very restless. She kept on turning in her sleep and woke up a few more times. 7:05. Our daughter is still complaining about pain in her tummy, on the right side. The pain has become worse and so bad that she does not want to go to school. What can this be? My husband and I look at each other; can this be her appendix? We take a quick look at a healthcare website and yes, the appendix is on the right side of the body. Call the family doctor In the Netherlands, you need to consult the family doctor before you go to the hospital. The only exception is an emergency. Our daughter can still talk. She doesn’t feel well, but […]

Healthcare in the Netherlands

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