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Settle Service offers an eligibility check for the 30% ruling as a seperate service. A cost-effective solution!

What is the 30% ruling?

The 30% ruling offers compensation for the extra costs that people from abroad make when they choose to live and work in the Netherlands. It is an important motivation for people from abroad to come work in the Netherlands.

Am I eligible for the 30% ruling?

Our 30% ruling experts analyse your specific situation, after which we are able to inform you whether you are eligible or not. In case you are eligible, we can proceed to applying for the ruling on your behalf, using our fast track 30% ruling service.

The 30% ruling has a maximum duration of five years. The main conditions of the ruling are:

  • You have an employment relationship;
  • You are recruited from another country by your first employer in the Netherlands, or you are on assignment in the Netherlands from another country;
  • Of the 2 years before your 1st working day in the Netherlands, you lived outside the Netherlands for more than 16 months, at a distance of more than 150 kilometres from the Dutch border;
  • You have specific expertise that is not or is only barely available on the Dutch employment market;
  • You have a valid decision.

The specific expertise from the above overview is translated into salary amount:

  • In general your fiscal salary in 2020 has to be at least  €38.347;
  • If you are younger than 30 years and you have a Dutch master or an equal grade from another country your fiscal salary has to be at least €29.149;
  • If you are a scientific researcher working at certain scientific organizations you will always be eligble for the 30% ruling.

Also, check out our free 30% ruling survey tool to perform an intial eligibility check. For an extensive check, contact our office using below button.

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