Application for dutch driving licence

The rules for UK nationals

Now that the UK has left the EU, the UK nationals will have to exchange their driving licence just like other non-European nationals. If you plan to stay in the Netherlands for a longer period and wish to drive here, the exchange must be made.

Our service

Settle Service can assist you with the exchange of your driver’s licence. You will receive a list of the required documents and we will submit the application within 1 business day. This is an administrative procedure.

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The Corona crisis seems to decline in the Netherlands and many countries around us. One of the most visible outcomes of the crisis measures that will stay in tact for the time being is the 1.5 meters society. We made a short video about the 1.5 meters society. Have fun viewing it! As said, the […]

The 1.5 meters society, we are ready for it!

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