Relocation Services

With our wide variety of relocation services, we make you feel taken care of and let you focus on what matters.

How it all starts…

At Settle Service, our first order of business is always to get to know our client’s needs in order to tailor our services to your specific situation. With this in mind, each and every relocation process will start off with an introductory phone call during which your one point of contact can learn about your requirements, priorities, and goals and have a good conversation about what you can expect when relocating to the Netherlands. Also, each client receives a personalized account on MySettleService, where you will find a comprehensive overview of the destination city and instructions about getting settled in the Netherlands. MySettleService also functions as a communication portal which plays an important role during the housing process.

Housing assistance

Our housing specialists will discuss the local rental market and advices are shared. Housing options are shared and housing vists are coordinated. If you desire, a on-the-road consultant can accompany you, so you are supported during the meetings. Once a property is selected, Settle Service will check the concept rental contract. Other optional services are: move in/move out inspection, assistance with hooking-up utilities and internet, cleaning services, etc.

Schooling assistance

When relocating with kids, schooling becomes a priority of the relocation process. We at Settle Service understand that the happiness of your children comes first and will put all efforts in to find a suitable school for your child. Again, our on-the-road consultant can accompany during appointments and advise on your options.

Settling in services

Assistance with settling in services will mean that you will have no worries about the practicalities of your relocation. Settle Service will coordinate the registration appointment, make an appointment for the opening of a bank account, find a doctor and a dentist, provide information on the possible required exchange of the driving licence, on the medical system in the Netherlands, health insurance options, sport clubs/other leisure activities. Anything you need assistance with, we can provide! Our clients receive clear instructions for the appointments made and if desired can be accompanied by one of our on-the-road consultants.

Overview of our relocation services

  • (temporary) housing assistance (various programs possible, making it very cost effective);
  • move in/move out assistance;
  • (neighbourhood) orientation services;
  • schooling assistance;
  • various child related services, such as child benefit application, child care reimbursement, etc.;
  • assistance with local registration/obtaining a BSN;
  • opening a (dutch) bank account;
  • exchange driving license (EEU/Non EEU);
  • (health) insurance assistance;
  • medical services;
  • leisure services;
  • car import;
  • coordination of move of household goods;
  • coordination of furniture lease;
  • pet relocation assistance;
  • language and/or culture training;
  • spouse career assistance;
  • property management;
  • departure services.

Service excellence, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. A positive start guaranteed!

Of course, we also offer a variety of immigration services, 30% ruling service, and a special brexit services program.


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