VR Orientation Tour including VR Viewer

Are you considering moving to Amsterdam or Rotterdam for work? Knowing more about life in the Netherlands helps making the life-changing decision of whether to relocate yes or no.

While information from the internet can bring a lot of insights, what you really need is to get a feel of the city and the advice of a local. And flying out isn’t always possible. It is costly and quite time-consuming. That is why we have developed a brand new tool; Virtual Reality orientation tours incl. a free viewer!

So, how does it work?

When you order the VR experience for the desired city, we will send you the VR product within 24 hours. This includes VR goggles and a link to your personal account.
You can watch the VR video with your smartphone by using the received link and loggin into your personal account. You will then see the video of your selection. We also provide you with instructions on how to fold the VR goggles. Of course, should you own your own VR goggles, you can also watch the video from there.
And then just sit back and enjoy the VR experience.

You can stay at home and still feel as though you are walking through your new living environment! You:

  • walk through the most interesting neighbourhoods;
  • visit a typical apartment;
  • receive lots of information from locals.

Making the decision to move to Amsterdam or Rotterdam has never been so easy. Our solution saves money, time, and even the environment. Enjoy the journey!

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