VR Orientation Tour Amsterdam

Are you considering relocating to Amsterdam for work? Knowing more about life in this city helps making the life-changing decision of whether to relocate yes or no.

While information from the internet can bring a lot of insights, what you really need is to get a feel of the city and the advice of a local. And flying out isn’t always possible. It is costly and quite time-consuming. That is why we have developed a brand new tool; Virtual Reality orientation tours incl. free goggles!

We offer virtual reality (VR) orientation tours for the city of Amsterdam. You will receive VR goggles that can be used with a smartphone and a link to the VR video.

You can stay at home and still feel as though you are walking through your new living environment! You:

  • walk through the most interesting neighbourhoods;
  • visit a typical apartment;
  • receive lots of information from locals.

Relocating to Amsterdam has never been so easy. Our solution saves money, time, and even the environment. Enjoy the journey!

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