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Finding a Home

One of the most important but time consuming aspects of relocating to a new country is finding the right home. We all have different requirements and preferences when searching for a property and our comfort is dependent on securing a home that suits. Settle Service may streamline this process for your forthcoming employees and helps find the best place for them. Based on their budget, requirements, and preferences, we will provide them with professional advice,  set up a home viewing or a tour, and possibly accompany your employee on the tour (if agreed upon) . Settle Service will secure the selected property and negotiate the rental conditions. We offer various home finding programmes to maximizes the success of finding your employee the property of their needs.

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Thank you for sharing the information from Bina.  I hope Bina can continue to support us. We really hit it off very well and she is such a valuable resources for us.

By Peter, settling in in 2017
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