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Immigration (Non EU Nationals)

Compliance is an essential remit of modern Human Resource Management. Settle Service can provide peace of mind by ensuring all documents are in order and your company meets the ever evolving immigration requirements of the Netherlands.  To this end, we will gladly advise and submit applications as well as providing you and your employee with thorough after-service care.

Becoming a recognized sponsor

Is it the first time you are seeking to employ a non-EU citizen? Utilizing our knowledge and expertise, Settle Service will guide you through an expedited process of becoming a recognized sponsor. Your company can enjoy the benefits of the international talent pool before you know it!

Work and Residence permits

Most prospective employees will be eligible for the highly skilled migrant procedure. We offer advice and consultation to you and your employees as well as submitting all relevant applications on your behalf. You will receive the entire file after approval, so you can be sure that you have all relevant documents in place.

Permit Extension

Pre-empt potential complications in your company’s productivity by ensuring any required extensions of work/residence permits are in place before the expiration of the current documents. Settle Service can ensure this process is completed quickly and seamlessly so that you can be sure your employees are always meeting immigration requirements.


After approval of the formalities and arrival in the Netherlands, registration will have to take place. Registration at both the immigration authorities and Town Hall is mandatory for non EU nationals. In many cases combined registration will be possible in one of the eight Expat Centers that are located throughout the Netherlands. If this is not possible, we will coordinate (and if agreed upon) accompany a visit to the immigration services (IND) and to the local authority.

EU citizens do not need to undergo any immigration formality. They only requirement is that EU nationals who plan to stay in the Netherlands for more than 4 months need to register at their local Town Hall. We will schedule and (if agreed) accompany the appointment.

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Settle Service has been extremely helpful so far in allowing me to get situated in my host country in a timely manner. Before going on a house hunting trip, my agent (Richard) was extremely helpful in setting up all appointments, advising us on the best neighborhoods and areas to look for housing and communicating our needs and wants, in terms of a living situation, to those that would be helping us in our host country. When on our familiarization trip, we met with the local agent (Annelien) who was an extremely helpful host. She did an excellent job of showing us around Amsterdam and answering the multitude of questions that we had. We were very satisfied with our trip and were able to lock down the apartment that we wanted as well as take care of several other tasks that would prepare us for our move.

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