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What better way to ensure a new employee reaches optimum productivity promptly upon arrival, than to orient them to their new home in advance of their relocation. Whether your premises are located in Amsterdam, The Hague (Den Haag in Dutch), Rotterdam, Utrecht or any other area of The Netherlands, we will design a programme of orientation specific to your employees’ requirements. We will include an information package tailor made to their interests and needs, as well as facilitating visits to potential homes and schools. We cover all the bases, allowing your future employee to be positive and stress-free from day one.

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It is an extremely rare experience to receive such unrelentingly high quality service from a service provider. Your staff have been absolutely exceptional in the service they have provided. Not only do I receive quick responses to any of my queries, they pro-actively contact me to inform me about my next steps and to give me some options about things we need to do. Congratulations Settle Service, please keep up the great work, and please acknowledge your fantastic team of employees appropriately.

By Ian, settled in 2015
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