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I want to employ an Expat, what now?

What are the immigration procedures for working/living in the Netherlands?

I need suitable schooling for my children

I am looking for suitable housing in the Netherlands


Non EU citizens

After approval of the immigration formalities and arrival in the Netherlands, registration will have to take place. Registration at both the immigration authorities and Town Hall is mandatory for non EU nationals. In many cases, combined registration will be possible in one of the Expat Centers that are located throughout the Netherlands. If this is not possible, we will coordinate and (if agreed upon) accompany a visit to the immigration service desk (IND) and to the local authority office.

EU citizens

EU citizens who plan to stay in the Netherlands for more than 4 months need to register at their local Town Hall (or ExpatCenter). We will schedule and (if agreed) accompany the appointment.
After the registration, the BSN (social fiscal number) will be issued. Depending on the place where the registration took place, the BSN will be issued right away or this will take up to a couple of weeks. A BSN is required in order to be able to pay a salary, take out (medical) insurances, or other contracts, e.g. a mobile phone contract.

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Many thanks for your help during all the process, it is truly appreciated because it helps a lot when you are new on a country and don’t now all the steps you have to do. For sure you can be proud of the work you do and the service level you provide to us.

By Oscar, settled in 2018
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