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Relocation Services for Employees

Relocating to the Netherlands is exciting, but the prospect of it can be quite daunting. After all, there are a lot of decisions to be made and the to-do list seems endless.

Here at Settle Service, we specialise in removing all the stress from your move when relocating to the Netherlands. Leaving you to enjoy the anticipation of your new adventure. You will be in close contact with one of our experienced immigration officers and/or relocation coordinators. He/she will coordinate your relocation programme and will be there for you during every step. Our work methods ensure that you will be in line with the relevant legislation and we actively advise on your applicable immigration and registration procedures. We know that costs are also very important, that is why we always strive for the most cost-effective solutions. Settle Service acts independently, taking your situation as a starting point.

Our services include a variety of different programmes, ranging from ‘self starter’ programmes up to complete packages in which we take care of every detail. All our programs are tailor made to meet your needs and budget and therefore proof to be cost-effective solutions. Main categories of our services are:

Our approach and services guarantee a positive start!

Why choose Settle Service?

We are an experienced relocation company; industry leader since 1990, yet by no means stuck in our ways! It is our policy to constantly track all changes in legislation, regulations, taxation, immigration, and even culture.  Of course, we also continually refine our internal procedures.

Settle Service aims to exceed your expectations and continuously works on improving our service delivery. Our goal is for our clients to have the freedom to focus on what matters to them. We make moves so you don’t have to!

    • We guarantee a positive relocation experience, minimized stress levels, and cost optimization;
    • MySettleService, our unique interactive portal provides answers to questions asked and unasked;
    • We handle personal information with the utmost discretion and conform GDPR regulation; all our systems are safeguarded.

Service excellence, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. A positive start guaranteed!

Relocation step-by-step

We invite you to scroll down and experience the relocation process step-by-step. Click on any relocation step for more infomation.

Contact us if you too want a stress free relocation experience!

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Are you an individual client?

To make sure we can provide the best possible service to everyone we introduced our a la carte menu of settle services

Our services for individual clients

Depending on your policy for your international employees, we will compose a programme that suits your and your employees’ needs. You may think of the following services (all combinations of services and also a-la-carte services are possible);

Introductory call

Introductory call

At Settle Service, our first order of business is always to get to know you as an individual in order to tailor our services to specifically meet your needs. With this in mind, your relocation process will start off with an introductory phone call during which your dedicated relocation coordinator can learn about your requirements, priorities, and goals and have a good conversation about your expectations. Afterwards you will be granted access to your personalised account on MySettleService, our one access point for all information pertinent to your relocation as well as a communications portal between you and your relocation coordinator (and housing coordinator if needed.)

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Immigration services

Immigration services

If you, or a member of your family, are of non-EU nationality, we will apply for immigration to the Netherlands. We will guide you and your employer through all the necessary procedures and personally take care of much of the documentation. Based on our knowledge, experience, and relationships with government agencies, we usually know up front if an application will be approved. If this is not the case, we liaise with your employer to see what steps need to be taken in order to gain approval.

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Family services

Family services

When you move with children, finding a suitable school is no doubt one of your top priorities. We understand, and will guide you through the process, providing you with information, setting up (and possibly accompanying you to) appointments and assisting with the enrollment process.

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By accessing your personalized account on MySettleService, you will find a comprehensive overview of your destination city and instructions about getting settled in the Netherlands. Based on your preferences, we will provide you with details of the appropriate amenities, institutions, and neighbourhoods relevant to you, helping you feel at home as quickly as possible. Of course you will also be provided with general information about what makes your new city special. Moreover, we like to anticipate questions you didn’t even think to ask!

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Home finding

Home finding

Depending on the package agreed upon with your employer, we may have a role in helping find a new home for you and your family. Again, this process begins with learning about your needs and those of your family. For some, the school district is the top priority. For others, it’s a vibrant social scene or proximity to a train station. We need to know that in order to best serve you.

As with many of our services, we will present your housing options through your MySettleService account, allowing you to consistently access all of your important details in one convenient location. You can upload links to property listings yourself too.

We will also arrange viewings, and, if agreed upon with your employer, have one of our seasoned consultants accompany you to give you the best possible advice from a local perspective. Following your selection of a property, we will negotiate on your behalf, ensuring you get the optimum deal, screen the rental contract and coordinate all the necessary transactions around the move-in including payment and utility hookups.

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Settling-in services; arranging the practicalities

Settling-in services; arranging the practicalities

There are certainly numerous additional arrangements to be made when relocating; such as registration at the municipality, opening a local bank account, obtaining taxation numbers, insurance etc. We’ll provide you with all the relevant information. Depending on your package, Settle Service can arrange, and even accompany you, to all the necessary appointments to ensure the smoothest possible transition into your new living situation!

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All good things must come to an end. If you decide to leave the Netherlands, we are also happy to provide assistance with the termination of contracts, de-registration with authorities, and negotiations about your security deposit return, among other things. Put simply, Settle Service will always be on hand to make your arrival, and your departure, as stress-free as they can be!

Welcome to the Netherlands, welcome to Settle Service!

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