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Rental Property Inspection: Arrival

Upon your employee’s arrival to their new home, Settle Service can provide a consultant who will perform a full property inspection inclusive of photographic evidence to ensure transparency with the letting agency when the time comes to depart. For the corporate client, this service is invaluable in retrieving the deposit and/or calculating of the amount that the employee will be responsible for at the end of the lease. Apart from this, a thorough move in inspection will ensure that mutually beneficial ongoing relationships with landlords are maintained.

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It is an extremely rare experience to receive such unrelentingly high quality service from a service provider. Your staff have been absolutely exceptional in the service they have provided. Not only do I receive quick responses to any of my queries, they pro-actively contact me to inform me about my next steps and to give me some options about things we need to do. Congratulations Settle Service, please keep up the great work, and please acknowledge your fantastic team of employees appropriately.

By Ian, settled in 2015
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