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Schooling: Moving with kids?

In the event that your employee is moving with children, schooling and/or daycare will be an essential component of their relocation. The family is a very important factor when it comes to the success of an international relocation! We will be happy to organise and (if  agreed upon) accompany your new employee to the most suitable schooling options, and offer our assistance in the enrollment at the school/day-care facility of their choice.

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An international move is a stressful event in ones’ life.  However, the understanding, support, professionalism and encouragement Helga provided to us was extremely valuable.  Helga quickly adapted to our idiosyncrasies, jokes, bad and almost non- existent Dutch language.  We felt we were with a friend not a consultant which helped appeased our fears.  She is an awesome ambassador for Settle Service!

By Sylvie, settled in 2017
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