Settle Service’s moment of fame

To my suprise, I was approached by a television producer a while back. He asked me if we would be willing to record an item about an international relocation. Since this is our core business and we love to share our fantastic work, we of course agreed. With cooperation of one of our valued clients, Settle Service was put on the screen and lived a moment of fame!

From Bangladesh to Amsterdam

The story introduces us to Hasan, his wife, and 2 year old son who relocated from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The video shows you a few bits and pieces of our service program. First of all, Sarah speaks Hasan in order to discuss his expectations, requirements, and wishes with concerns to his (family’s) move to the Netherlands. Being non-EU citizens, the immigration procedure needs to be followed. Diana, one of our experienced immigration specialists performs the application for highly skilled migrant at the Dutch immigration services.

After the approval of Hasan’s immigration procedures, the family arrives in the Netherlands. Our consultant-on-the-road Ingrid accompanies them to the ExpatCenter Amsterdam to collect the VISA and to a house viewing in Amsterdam.

Just one week after the broadcast took place, we actually found the family an apartment where they will move in shortly. Hasan and his family can now build up his life in the Netherlands!

Please watch our 3-minute moment of fame, using this link: