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The added value of relocation services

Why offer relocation services?

Many companies offer relocation services in their job-vacancies. This makes it easier to find and bind the best man (woman) for the job. In this article, I will explain how relocation services add value to your company.

An international relocation has massive impact on (an) international employee(s). Leaving your native country and deciding to start a new life in another country (perhaps even on the other side of the world!) is a big step for many people. The new job and the relocation to the Netherlands is a huge opportunity and you are ready to give it your all in order to achieve your life-time goals.

The key for a company here is to make your employee feel as much welcome as possible and make sure that this decision, regarding their career, will be the best decision your employee could have ever made.

Our experience teaches us that international employees need accurate information and personal attention, to give them a feeling of comfort and safety during this transitional process. The outcome is growth of their confidence, because they feel that their employer is really taking care of them. At the same time they have an unlimited amount of questions which are clearly answered by our information and personally by our consultants. This makes your international employees understand the relocation process, helps us to take their worries away and focus on their job, while you can still focus on yours.

Most important in relocation

The most important and stressful items in the relocation process are the immigration process, finding a good home, and the registration at local and immigration authorities. Other more practical settling in items may be very time consuming. We see it as our job to provide services that take away any stress and save valuable time. Both of the employee as well as of the HR department. These might seem basic relocation services, but they may determine the decision for the employee to stay or to leave. To bind international employees to the company, it is strategically wise to take that extra step that is needed to make your employee feel right at home. Chances are likely that your employee will do the same. Talking about added value…


Some companies are still sceptical when deciding to invest in their international employees; there is always the risk of losing them. The logical choice is to invest as little as possible.

Turn this thought around and think: “What if we invest too little in our international employee(s) and we see him/her leave,  because he/she or the spouse/family feels uncomfortable?

Fortunately, many companies understand the principle that their employees build and sustain the company, and offer them the relocation services that are needed to get them focused and happy in their job.

In order to get the best, you need to offer the best. See it as an investment; employees from abroad will most likely choose the company which offers them the best conditions and incentives. There you will find the added value of relocation services. This is a great opportunity for many international companies that recruit their employees from abroad. Offer the relocation services that will help to experience a smooth relocation and you will attract the employees you need. A win win situation. It all sounds so logical and obvious, but the question is, is it?


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