Virtual Reality Tour | The solution to current travel restrictions

Many countries currently have travel restrictions in place, including the Netherlands, due to the spread of the corona virus. Eventhough the Dutch borders are not fully locked down, there is a ban on non-esstential travel up to and including May 15th 2020.

Welcome your (future) employee without travelling!

The travel ban limits the options for companies to welcome new employees from abroad to the Netherlands. How do you continue to attract valuable employees even during the current corona virus outbreak situation? How do you provide information about the Netherlands in an attractive way?

Settle Service has the solution! We have created Virtual Reality Tours that can be enjoyed from home. We have currently videos available for the following Dutch cities: Amsterdam and Rotterdam. For cities we do not have a VR video yet, we can offer a live tour with one of our on-the-road Consultans via video call.

How does the Virtual Reality Tour work?

Step 1: Order the Virtual Reality Tour for the desired city.
Step 2: Receive the Virtual Reality product by mail, which includes VR goggles and a link to a personal account.
Step 3: Fold the VR goggles as per instructions received.
Step 4: Login using a smartphone. The video of choice will appear.
Step 5: Sit back and get to know your (possible) new living evironment.

With our Virtual Reality Tour experience, your (future) employee will feel as though they are walking through their new living environment. They will:

  • walk through the most interesting neighbourhoods;
  • visit a typical apartment;
  • receive lots of information about life in the city and cost of living.

Making the decision to move to the Netherlands has never been so easy!

Should you like to receive more information on this product or any other relocation service we offer, please contact our office.