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Use our handy Visa Wizard below to check when a visa is required when travelling to the Netherlands! E.g. not sure if you can stay here as a business visitor? Or do you want to know which documents are needed in order to obtain a visa? The below website let’s you find out and will show you the possiblities.

Our team can help you obtain the correct immigration documents/permits in order to make sure your stay in the Netherlands is in line with all current legislation and thus stress free! Contact us for more information.

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The provisional salary requirements for the 30% ruling as per 1 January 2018  are: Regular: € 37.296,00 Lower criteria for masters younger than 30 years: € 28.350,00 Be aware, that these have not yet been confirmed by the Tax Authorities! Settle Service can assist you with a fast track 30% ruling service and advise you on this […]

Provised salary requirements 2018 for the 30% ruling
  • EURA 2008-2016
  • Worldwide ERC
  • ARPN
  • EURA