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NEW: VR orientation tours Amsterdam/Rotterdam

Did you read my previous articles about challenges in recruitment and the success you may achieve with orientation tours?

Offering an orientation tour may mean the difference for a candidate. She/he is better prepared for the move and becomes enthusiastic about the idea to move to the Netherlands for your company! Yet, we also acknowledge the fact that a live orientation tour may be too expensive to offer to many candidates. Your company will have to pay the flight and accommodation costs. Moreover, perhaps you even consider the environmental burden of flying.

Settle Service has thought about this as well. We see that more and more companies have difficulties finding the right people. As your international mobility partner, we would like to help you out. That is why we have developed a brand new tool; Virtual Reality orientation tours!

The first two cities that we can offer are Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Virtual Reality orientations?

Yes! Virtual Reality means that your candidate can stay at home and still feel as though she/he walks through her/his new living environment! Our consultants-on-the-road Helga and Ingrid present their home cities to your candidates. They show sides of ‘their’ cities that only inhabitants know. They will show neighbourhoods, properties, nice-to-know facts about the city.

Consultant Ingrid during the recording

Your candidates will receive VR goggles from us. The goggles can be used with a smart phone and are very easy to use.

The result of the VR orientation tour will be that your candidates will be able to picture their future life in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. They will have enough information to take their decision – which will no doubt be positive for your company in many cases!

Want to try this?

Please do contact me, I will be happy to share details on availability, price and other details. Or place your order directly!

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