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Why use a relocation partner?

The most successful companies in the world today attribute their good achievements to consistently attracting and developing their workforce. International mobility may contribute to this success; either by recruiting new employees from abroad, or assigning people to another country for their own or the company’s development, etc. Ensure optimum productivity from your most vital resource, your employees, by allowing us to seamlessly facilitate their transition to life in the Netherlands.

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Ambra was very proactive in sending me information and all of the “to-do’s” that I needed to do, and also followed up on items that I hadn’t completed yet. I really appreciated that she stayed on top of everything. And Ingrid was absolutely fantastic, all around. She was extremely thorough in the home search, appointments with the IND, bank, townhall, etc. She also provided me with a wealth of information about where to go for certain things, apps to use to help me get around, restaurants to visit, events to go to, etc. etc. She really was great and made my transition so much easier. It was great that I could rely on Ingrid to be thorough for me, as I probably would not have known what questions to ask etc. I hope it comes through that I was EXTREMELY happy with the level of service provided!

By Michael, settled in 2015

Why settle with Settle Service?

Through our many valued partnerships, we perform relocations for over 2000 skilled workers per year. Our employees undergo regular training to keep them abreast of the ever changing bureaucratic environment. This contributes to the professional personalised service we guarantee to all our clients.

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