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I want to employ an Expat, what now?

What are the immigration procedures for working/living in the Netherlands?

I need suitable schooling for my children

I am looking for suitable housing in the Netherlands

Your relocation company in the Netherlands

An international relocation can be quite stressful, for both employer and employee. We can imagine that you would like to focus on what really matters for you. Settle Service can unburden you from all the to-dos that come your way in the relocation process. Immigration applications, the search for a suitable house and/or school, help with the more practical aspects. You will feel our dedicated support.

The combination of personal attention and the use of state-of-the-art and secure systems will make you feel taken care of. Settle Service is by your side, in every step –great or small– in whatever it is you need.

We make moves so you don’t have to!

Thank you so much for your help! You helped make the transition very easy.  There’s a good chance we’ll be transferring a few more employees next year and I’ll definitely recommend that we use your services for them as well.

By Nate, settled in 2018

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