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25 years of Settle Service – destination services in the Netherlands

Settle Service was one of the first relocation service providers in the Netherlands when it was founded in 1990. The founder used to work at a company where the expats were serviced by the internal staff. But the company wanted to focus on the core business and relocation services were not core. The result was that Ann Leeksma started her own company in relocation services; Settle Service!


A lot has changed in the past 25 years, but not the core business of Settle Service; servicing international people in order to settle in the Netherlands optimally. An anniversary like this asks to be celebrated extensively. And that is what we did, starting with a beach party for Settle Service employees in April and now with a ‘special journey to compliance country’ for our clients, followed by a cocktail reception on May 21st.

There were two rotating workshops. One of them had the developments in the immigration field as subject. The new management team of the directorate Business Services of the Dutch Immigration Authorities IND came to Haarlem in order to present themselves and to discuss the current and future developments. The main outcome is:

IND will become more client focussed

The bigger clients will have one contact person with whom they will work together. The basis of this cooperation will be mutual trust, and only if this is damaged, corrective actions will be taken. With concerns to new policies; the IND expects the search year to be adapted later this year (now there are two procedures for this, they will be combined into one). The policy for incoming and outgoing specialists is being developed now, but as this needs a change of law, this will take more time.

The other workshop was presented by Jac Heuts, the unparalleled authority in the field of the 30% ruling. He discussed the raison d’être of the 30% ruling, should free movement of people in the EU not mean that the governments should not be allowed to offer financial rewards for moving to a specific country? Whereas we all agreed that individual governments should be able to offer their own regulations, we also discussed the Sopora law case, in which a person who lives within 150 km of the Dutch border. The outcome of the law case is still uncertain. Jac shared some situations with us and told the audience about the advantages of working with a company that has a covenant with the Tax Authorities, like Settle Service. Settle Service collects all documents and will take the decision, based on the complete documentation. The Tax Authorities check the decisions in retrospective. The biggest advantage is that the 30% ruling can be applied as from the moment that Settle Service has given their approval, which usually is within one working day after receipt of all documents.

After the workshops were concluded, we enjoyed a great cocktail reception. It was a good way of celebrating this very special milestone.

We are ready for the next 25 years of Settle Service!

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